Vaping urged for pregnant smokers

More than one in 10 women smoke during pregnancy, and vaping could help them quit, says a  smoking cessation expert.

Latest figures from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare show that 11.2% of pregnant women — about 35,000 — reported smoking during pregnancy in 2013.

Sydney-based Dr Colin Mendelsohn says that while the rate is trending downwards, smoking is still the single largest preventable cause of adverse pregnancy outcomes.

And with the urgent need to tackle smoking in pregnancy, Dr Mendelsohn says he would recommend e-cigarettes as a method to help pregnant women quit.

“If my daughter was pregnant and she was smoking, and she could convert to e-cigarettes, I’d prefer that,” he says.

“Obviously, I’d rather she didn’t have anything, but it’s a positive outcome.

“In pregnancy, we’re very conscious