Victoria first state to trial no-fault disability scheme

THE Victorian Government has been warned that its plans to be the first state to trial Australia’s no-fault disability insurance scheme must not result in higher indemnity premiums for doctors.

With the Productivity Commission set to deliver its final report into a nationwide scheme in July, Victorian Health Minister David Davis announced he had formed a taskforce to prepare for a 2014 state trial of the scheme.

Under a proposed no-fault disability scheme, any patient experiencing a catastrophic medical accident at the hands of a doctor would be compensated, regardless of whether negligence was established or not. 

AMA president Dr Andrew Pesce, who is advising the commission, said he hoped funding for such a scheme would not rely on doctors’ contributions via increased indemnity premiums, a proposal touted by the commission its recent draft document. 

“We’d try to aim for cost neutrality,” Dr Pesce