WA doctor again guilty of misconduct

A WA doctor, twice deregistered in the past, has again been found guilty of inappropriate conduct for tucking a note into a patient’s bra strap without her consent.

The WA State Administrative Tribunal found the doctor, identified only as ‘L’, was practising in a rural hospital emergency department when the patient consulted him about her two-week-old baby in 2008.

At the end of the consultation, L wrote the name of a medication on a post-it note and offered it to the patient, but she was unable to take it because of the way she was holding her baby.

L unsuccessfully attempted to stick the note to the patient’s shoulder, then tucked it behind her exposed bra strap.

The tribunal heard L, first registered in 1978, was removed from the register in 1994 following an improper sexual relationship with a female patient.

He was re-registered two years later, then suspended in August 2002 when found guilty of