WA lashes Shorten on disability services

WEST AUSTRALIAN Premier Colin Barnett has stood firm on his stance on the proposed national disability insurance scheme, accusing Federal Government ministers of orchestrating a "nasty and spiteful" campaign against the state.

Mr Barnett said he would keep an open mind on the $13.5 billion scheme proposed by the Productivity Commission scheme, but would not hand over control of WA's disability services to the Commonwealth.

"I'm not going to allow a repeat of the way the health [reform] issue was handled," he told Parliament.

"Where the Federal Government comes in and says 'We've had the Productivity Commission – a bunch of economists – do a report and guess what, they come up with a solution ...and part of the deal is you give up your taxes, we fund it, we take it over.'

"'Oh and by the way, we've never actually delivered disability services but we know how to do it because we're the