Weight linked to 25% of asthma in overweight kids

If no children were overweight or obese 10% of asthma cases would be avoided, estimate researchers

Children and teens who are overweight or obese may be more likely to develop asthma, a US study suggests.

About 23% to 27% of new asthma cases in children with obesity may be directly attributable to obesity, the researchers say.

And if no children are overweight or obese, 10% of asthma cases would be avoided, they estimate.

While obesity has long been linked to asthma in adults, research to date has offered conflicting evidence about whether this also holds true for young people, the researchers note in Pediatrics.

The current study followed more than 500,000 kids, aged 2-17, for an average of four years.

About 8% had been diagnosed with asthma.