Weight loss products come under medical scrutiny

A BREATH test measuring ‘fat burning’ capacity and a diet based on a DNA swab are the latest weight loss products to be questioned by doctors.

A walk-in breath test, which gives a ‘metabolic profile’ based on oxygen and CO2 levels, is being trialled at 11 Tony Ferguson weight loss centres in NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

 It is sold to people on the chain’s diets for $50 per test. 

A spokesperson for the chain said the ‘indirect calorimetry’ treatment was similar to techniques used by researchers at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and was based on US research.1

Meanwhile, an unrelated MyGene DNA test is being sold for $295 at an undisclosed number of pharmacies in Australia with endorsement from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

The test requires a pharmacist to take a cheek swab which is sent to MyGene’s Melbourne lab for analysis.