Weightloss-inducing underwear under fire

South Australian-based importer Brazcom came to the attention of public health advocate Dr Ken Harvey when he saw advertisements for its "Scala Fat-Blaster garments" in in-flight magazines en route to a skeptics conference in New Zealand last December.

In a determination issued last month, the TGA’s Complaints Resolution Panel (CRP) said advertisements for the undergarments claimed that thanks to the “scientifically proven” products “millions of women worldwide are reshaping their bodies without painful diets or surgery”.

“Through modern science, researchers have developed a patented technology exclusive to Scala called Active BioCrystals which emit a type of energy called Far Infra Red Rays (FIRRs),” the CRP quoted the advertisements as saying.

The advertising said the infra red rays were “clinically proven to kick-start what is known as the BioPromise effect which leads to a dramatic improvement in