What GPs need to know about 'Drama Queen Syndrome'

Female patients say they aren't seeing their doctor for fear of being labelled a hypochondriac

More than one in three female patients say they avoid seeing their doctor because they worry about being labelled a 'drama queen', according to a survey.

The finding comes from an online questionnaire of 1000 Australian women commissioned by the charity Pink Hope that was carried out in August this year. All participants were over 18. 

The survey shows the fear of being seen as a hypochondriac has stopped 35% of respondents from visiting their doctor with a medical concern.

Another 36% say they have forgone seeking medical advice after a friend or relative told them they were "overreacting".  

Meanwhile, one in 10 (14.2%) have admitted to fabricating a doctor's diagnosis to prove to others that their symptoms and concerns had been "valid".

And nearly one-third of