What happened when doctors swallowed Lego people's heads?

The medics created a FART - Found And Retrieved Time - score to measure how long it took for the head to come out the other end

Swallowing the heads of Lego people isn't something a doctor would normally put on their resume.

However, a group of six paediatricians from Australia and the UK who downed the small yellow plastic faces in the name of medical research can do just that.

The doctors were involved in a trial to determine how long it took for the plastic to pass through the body in a bid to provide answers for worried parents.

Their trial, published in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, found the heads passed in 1-3 days without complications.

As part of the study the authors created a Stool Hardness and Transit Score (SHATS) to standardise bowel habits and a Found and Retrieved Time (FART) score, to measure how long the item took to pass.

On average, it took 1.7 days to pass, although one participant searched for two weeks without finding the lost yellow item.