What you need to know about big 6CPA changeover

The Guild has released a guide ahead of February D-day

The Pharmacy Guild has released a guide for pharmacies as management of MedChecks and other 6CPA programs transitions to a new organisation on 1 February.

What you need to know about big 6CPA changeover

The 23 programs will be run by Pharmacy Programs Administrator, the operating name of Australian Healthcare Associates, which in 2018 won a competitive tender for the service agreement.

Here are five things to know:

  • The Guild will receive and process claims up to and including 31 January. It will make payments and resolve issues relating to these claims.
  • The Pharmacy Programs Administrator has established a support centre. Contact details will be published on its website on 1 February. The Guild’s telephone support number will remain active until May and callers will hear a recorded message providing the telephone number for the Pharmacy Programs Administrator.
  • Pharmacies currently claiming through the Guild will be contacted with information about setting up an account through the new Pharmacy Programs Administrator portal. An email will be sent on 1 February with information about logging on for the first time, followed by a second email to set a new password.
  • Pharmacies that registered for the Guild’s 6CPA portal from November 2018 onwards will receive login information in February.
  • Once the Guild’s portal is disabled, historical claims data will no longer be available so any information needed should be recorded now.

More information:

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