What you need to know about the renaming of 200 active ingredients

More than 90 name changes take effect from January

More than 90 medicines will have new active ingredient names listed in the PBS Schedule from January.

changes ahead

The new names will match those used internationally.

The 90 are among 200 ingredients that have been renamed under the Harmonisation of Ingredient Name reform.

Some of the changes have already appeared in the PBS schedule. But the PBS says most will be updated in 2018, starting in January.

The changes will be reflected in prescribing and dispensing software, but manufacturers have until 2020 to update the packaging and CMI.

This means the packaging and dispensing labels may each list different ingredient names during this period.

The Department of Health wants pharmacists to be alert to possible medication errors during this time.

Pharmacists should discuss the changes with patients and reassure them that the medicine is the same, according to pharmacy counselling tool.

Here are some other points to consider:

  • If a patient presents with a script using the old active ingredient name, it should be dispensed using the new name.
  • Some medicines will be temporarily dual-labelled until 2023, with both the old and the new ingredient name listed on the dispensing label.
  • Adrenaline products will be permanently dual-labelled as Adrenaline (Epinephrine).
  • The changes are not intended to lead to PBS pricing changes. 

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