When to dissuade patients from a tattoo

Case study highlights what happens with a compromised immune system

Immunosuppressed patients should avoid getting a tattoo, according to trauma and orthopaedic specialists who present the first documented case of inflammatory myopathy as a complication of tattooing

This unusual case presented as distal thigh and medial knee pain, and it was only after some time that a link to the tattoo was made, they say.
Writing in BMJ Case Reports, the authors note that the 31-year-old woman had a history of cystic fibrosis, with bilateral lung transplants performed in 2009. 

As a result, she was on long-term immunosuppressive therapy.

In January 2015, she had a large, coloured tattoo applied to her left thigh by a professional tattoo artist.

She described the practice as hygienic and she had no problems from a tattoo performed several years previously on her right leg.
However, nine days after the latest