Which specialists are stepping to the fore on the green?

Hint: it’s not GPs who take up clubs in the biggest numbers

If specialists appear to have gone AWOL over the festive season, try the golf course, based on new research in the BMJ.

Determined to test the long-hold belief that many doctors while away Wednesday afternoons on the golf course, Harvard University researchers dove into the US Golfing Association database.

They discovered nearly 42,000 physicians — around 4% of the workforce — had logged their golf rounds as of August this year.

Most of the golfing physicians (90%) were men, who played an average 15 games in the first six months of this year. Only a little over 1% of female specialists took to the tees.

Orthopaedic surgeons were the specialists most likely to be dreaming of a set of Calloways for Christmas, with nearly 9% of their ranks hitting the greens.

They were followed by urologists (8% of their specialty) and plastic surgeons as the specialists with the highest proportion who