Who is least likely to take their BP meds?

Hypertensive patients are notoriously bad at taking their medication, with one Australian study suggesting a 50% non-compliance  rate.

Now a team of European researchers have used biochemical testing to more accurately measure non-compliance rates in 1348 patients in the UK and Czech Republic.

The rates of non-compliance for antihypertensives were 41.6% and 31.5% in the UK and Czech populations, respectively.

Researchers found that the strongest predictor of non-adherence was the number of medications prescribed. Other predictors were being a women and being younger.

Among the five classes of antihypertensives, diuretics were associated with the highest odds for non-adherence.

On the basis of their data, the authors proposed a predictive model for detecting non-adherence — including age, sex, diuretics and the number of prescribed antihypertensives — in settings where