Why aerosol sunscreens are not a good idea

Cancer Council says many people struggle to use them correctly

The Cancer Council has voiced concern about aerosol sunscreens because many consumers don’t use them correctly.

aerosol spray can

Cancer Council chief executive Professor Sanchia Aranda says aerosol sunscreens are difficult to use, especially outdoors or in windy conditions.

"People seem to be using them a bit like a mosquito repellent, whereas you're still trying to get exactly the same amount on as you would with a cream sunscreen," she said.

Professor Aranda recommended people use 5mL of sunscreen — that's about a teaspoon — on each arm, leg or other section of the body.

She said people should be reminded to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before they go outside and reapply it every two hours.

A hat, shade, protective clothing and sunglasses are also important. - AAP