Why children, men and lawnmowers don't mix

Backyard warriors continue to experience serious injuries

Children and men are at greatest risk from a backyard hazard that continues to inflict serious injury, with one in five lawnmower emergencies resulting in an amputation, a study shows.

In a US analysis of lawnmower injuries, researchers found that 85% of those injured were men, while children under four years were almost twice as likely to have an amputation than those aged over 15.

Their analysis of eight years of national emergency department data and almost 15,000 lawnmower accidents revealed patterns of injury, but not whether those hurt were doing the lawn mowing or were bystanders.

The database used in the study captures about 20% of all emergency department visits each year in the US.

Researchers found that children under four were six times more likely to have a foot/toe or lower extremity injury than those aged 15 and older, in the study in the September issue of Public Health