Why colonoscopists need a triple-A rating

Doctors call for colonoscopy providers to be rated on their price, accuracy and availability

Doctors providing colonoscopies should be given a uniform rating, based on their affordability, availability and ability to perform the procedure, cancer researchers say. 

Giving patients access to such information would enable the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program to operate as well as possible, the research fellows from the SA Health Research Institute write in the Medical Journal of Australia.

“We suggest that patient autonomy and access would be improved by real-time accurate information about their colonoscopy options to allow them to make a rational choice,” writes cancer research fellow Dr Dan Worthley and colleagues from the SA Health Research Institute.

“This would help optimise the benefits of the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program and allow public and private sectors to work together to eradicate bowel cancer death in Australia.”

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