Why a dose of brussels sprouts may help older patients

Cruciferous came out top of a good bunch of daily greens

Encouraging your elderly patients to eat a serve of broccoli or brussels sprouts every day could reduce their chance of having a fall, an Australian study suggests.

Overall, the more vegetables consumed, the lower the risk of a fall for elderly women, with cruciferous coming out on top in an analysis of different types of greens.

“Elderly women with higher total and cruciferous vegetable intake had lower injurious falls risk, which may be explained in a large part by better physical function,” the researchers wrote in the British Journal of Nutrition.

University of Edith Cowan researchers studied the diets of more than 1400 WA women aged over 70 and tracked falls across 15 years, using data from a nutrition questionnaire filled out at the start of the study and hospital data. They also assessed grip strength.

Over the course of the study, 40% of participants experienced a fall requiring