Wit'n'wisdom 10 February 2010

We rarely hear from W’n’W legend Dr Nick Hallebone since he left the colourful characters in the Western suburbs for the more refined denizens of Armadale in Victoria. 

However, he recently attended his 30-year school reunion (yes, he is getting old). He was reminded of an incident involving one of the attendees who also studied medicine at another university. 

Apparently, when he was a medical student in the emergency department, he was attempting to suture a patient’s laceration. A nurse walked into the treatment room and found the patient cowering in a corner... Nick’s old school colleague was trying to stitch up the wound having forgotten the local anaesthetic. Luckily, for the sake of his patients, he is now a psychiatrist. 

I figured to stuff up in casualty must be one of the prerequisites for becoming a shrink. My best friend, who is now an eminent psychiatrist in Albury, decided he would diathermy a wart