Woman dead, up to 700 exposed in Qld salmonella outbreak

Seven people have required hospital treatment following the contagion, which health officials say was a contributory factor in the death of a 77-year-old woman.

Piccalilli Catering said on Thursday it was the company at the centre of the scare, blaming eggs used to make fresh mayonnaise for 40 Cup functions in the city last week.

It says it has since dropped the wholesaler who provided the eggs.

Metro North Hospital and Health Services says up to 700 people could have been exposed to the bacteria and has urged people showing symptoms of the infection to seek medical attention.

Director Dr Susan Vlack said people should be vigilant even if they had not yet been ill and that some people could become sick up to two weeks after exposure.

“The next few days is the time to be aware," Dr Vlack said.

None of the seven people hospitalised was critically ill, but two were reasonably sick, she said.