Woman drinks dog’s urine to clear up acne

This is taking complementary and alternative medicine to a whole new level

A YouTube video of a woman apparently drinking her dog’s warm urine has gone viral, prompting health professionals in the US to issue a warning to the general public not to follow her lead.

The stomach-churning footage shows US woman, Lynn Lew, collecting urine under her dog’s cocked leg before seeming to immediately drink a cup of the canine body fluid, and, weirdly, appearing to enjoy it.

After licking the rim of the empty cup, she tells her audience, “Until I first drank my dog’s pee, I was depressed, I was sad and I had really bad acne”

She also claims that drinking dogs’ urine can help cure cancer and gives her skin “a warm glow”.

US health professionals are now issuing warnings to wannabe animal urine drinkers in mainstream media that the practice is unsafe.