Women would swap years for weight loss

ONE-third of British women would shorten their lives by a year or more in exchange for an ideal body weight, while almost 40% would undergo cosmetic surgery if cost were not a barrier, a recent survey has suggested.

The research, carried out by the UK-based Succeed Foundation which seeks to raise awareness of and provide support for those affected by eating disorders, surveyed 320 women aged 18–65 from 20 universities. 

Ten per cent of respondents believed two to five years of life was not too high a price to pay for being svelte and shapely, while 3% were willing to give up a decade or more.

Five per cent of the mainly younger women meanwhile said they had undergone cosmetic surgery, while another 39% said they would do so if it cost less.

Lead researcher Professor Phillippa Diedrichs, from the University of the West of England, said the findings highlighted body image as “an issue for all women and not just adolescent