World-first artificial heart transplant patient dies

"Seventy-five days after the implant of the first Carmat artificial heart bioprosthesis in a 76-year-old man with a terminal heart disease, the patient died on 2 March, 2014," the Georges-Pompidou European Hospital said in a statement. 

Artificial hearts have already been in use for many years as a temporary fix for patients with chronic heart problems.

The Carmat product aims to provide a longer-term solution to bridge the wait for a donor heart and enable hospitalised patients to return home and maybe even resume work.

The hospital statement said the causes of death "will not be known until after a thorough analysis of the abundant medical and technical data that has been recorded".

The artificial heart, a self-contained unit implanted in the patient's chest, uses soft ‘biomaterials’ and an array of sensors to mimic the contractions of the heart.

The patient had received his artificial heart on 18 December, in