Yes, men get post-coital blues too

One in five men are afflicted with an inexplicable sadness after sex

It’s not just women who get sad after sex, according to a world-first Australian study that found 41% of men have experienced post-coital dysphoria (PCD).

Queensland University of Technology researchers have broken down the results of an anonymous, online survey of more than 1200 men around the world.

They found one in five of the men had experienced PCD in the previous four weeks and up to 4% become maudlin after sex on a regular basis.

Based on comments from the participants, their emotions ranged from not wanting to be touched and feeling isolated, to feeling “annoyed and very fidgety”.

PCD is characterised by inexplicable feelings of tearfulness, sadness, or irritability following otherwise satisfactory consensual sexual activity.

While PCD has been previously recognised in women, this is the first study to show men are also afflicted, said co-author Professor Robert Schweitzer from