3D panda pulls no punches - Kung Fu Panda 2 (3D) (PG)

THE experience of 3D is proliferating in our cinemas, and while filmmakers such as Wim Wenders are reinventing the use of the phenomenon with his soon-to-be-released film Pina, it is in animation that we are experiencing it most. Even James Cameron’s Avatar used animation extensively to create the humanoid Na’vi.

Whether 3D enhances the experience of Kung Fu Panda 2 enough to justify the wearing of those glasses is debatable, because the story has enough charm to carry the film. 

The question of identity is at the centre of the journey of panda Po (Jack Black). He has flashes of vestigial memory and decides to confront his father Mr Ping (James Hong) about his origins. It’s a joke in itself that this panda believes he could have been fathered by a goose.

The image that triggers his memories is the pattern on the feathers of Shen (Gary Oldman), an ambitious peacock who has taken over his father’s throne with a newly