ACT Health discriminated against IMG

The ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal found ACT Health discriminated against Qinglin Wang, 51, a permanent resident of Australia who immigrated in 2001 with an MBBS and a Master’s degree in neurology from Tianjin University in China.

In his findings, the tribunal’s senior member Allan Anforth said it was not a “persuasive” point that other Australian jurisdictions similarly gave local graduates priority.

“The mere fact that multiple entities [governmental or otherwise] engage in certain conduct does not preclude that conduct being unlawful,” Mr Anforth wrote in his ruling.

The case concerned Dr Wang’s application in 2013 for an internship and a resident medical officer position at Canberra Hospital, both of which were to commence in 2014.

He also applied for RMO positions in other states and territories, but was unsuccessful in all of them.

Dr Wang’s degrees had been