Adaptation hits the mark - The Hunter (M)

AFTER having her directorial debut, Sleeping Beauty, selected for competition at the Cannes Film Festival this year, Julia Leigh now sees the adaptation of her novel, The Hunter, taken on by Daniel Nettheim, a filmmaker who has been working in television after a promising start with his short films and one other feature.

The Hunter, Martin David (Dafoe), is an enigmatic figure, a mercenary employed by a military biotech company to follow up a rumour that there is one last Tasmanian tiger in existence, hunt it down, extract its DNA and then destroy it so no-one else has access to what is planned as a scientific coup.

Arriving in the wilds of Tasmania, he boards with a family in an isolated house where the mother, Lucy (O’Connor), lies in bed in a comatose state unable to recover from the shock disappearance some months ago of her husband who was also on the trail of the tiger.  

Making up for her mother’s non-presence is her daughter