Ad-free cigs double health awareness

A British Heart Foundation (BHF) study of almost 3000 smokers and ex-smokers in Australia and the UK found that the number of those in Australia who took notice of health warnings almost doubled after tobacco packets were stripped of branding in December 2012.

The foundation’s report said just a third (34%) of smokers and ex-smokers noticed the health warnings before any other information in 2010, compared with two thirds (66%) after the legislation was implemented.

In the UK, where branded packaging still exists, just 24% of people noticed the health warnings before other messages such as advertising.

The report also found 82% of Australians did not like the look of tobacco products after standardised packaging was introduced.

The BHF said support for the new legislation in Australia among smokers and ex-smokers had almost doubled from 28% in 2010 to 51% in 2013.

The BHF is urging the British government to ensure