AF screening in pharmacies with iPhone app mooted

The test takes less than five minutes and uses a small ECG device that sits inside a special iPhone case and that can provide a medical-quality ECG. 

The patient just needs to hold the phone for 30 seconds for the automated diagnosis to generate on the app, which can then be transmitted to GPs and cardiologists for use during consultation. 

The Australian-designed device, which is marketed and patented in the US and commercially available in the US, UK and Europe, was used by Australian researchers to test the cost-effectiveness of a community screening program to prevent AF-related strokes, which account for a third of all strokes.

Senior researcher Professor Ben Freedman, from the University of Sydney and the cardiology department at Concord Hospital, said the findings had great significance for whether a screening program for unknown AF could be introduced and how and where the screening should be done.

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