AGPN seeks accelerated Medicare Local timeline

A CALL by the AGPN to launch more than 15 Medicare Locals in July has met with fierce resistance from the GP fraternity.

With the Government yet to announce which Medicare Locals will be the first to be established, the AGPN said there were more than 15 that could feasibly be launched now.
 It urged the Government to bring forward their launch, and not wait six months to announce the next tranche as planned. 

AGPN chair Dr Emil Djakic said there would be no financial disadvantages in launching an additional 10 Medicare Locals from 1 July. 

“The work and commitment is there... Why wait another six months?” Dr Djakic told MO

“If there are other proposals that came to that original invitation to apply that meet the eligibility criteria and really look like being able to get on and do the job, then we should be allowed to roll our sleeves up and get on with it.”