Alendronate generics review questioned

THE tolerability of generic alendronate has been questioned in a review comparing it to proprietary counterparts, but an expert says the review is tainted by industry influence.

The non-systematic review reported that generic alendronate was associated with discontinuation rates twice as high as the branded alternative.

The European and UK authors, who all reported competing interests, said the poorer adherence to generic alendronate, which ultimately impacted on bone mineral density and fractures, was possibly due to faster tablet disintegration.

“The impact of generic bisphosphonates requires formal testing to re-evaluate their role in the management of osteoporosis,” they said.

However, Professor David Le Couteur, president of the Australasian Society for Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists, said the review was pharmaceutical-industry based and referred to industry-based studies.