Almost half of nurses unhappy with pay and conditions: survey

The annual APNA 2011 Salary and Conditions survey showed while the hourly rate increased for both registered and enrolled nurses, nationally almost half of those surveyed were looking for new jobs or planned to look for a new job in the next six months.

One Victorian practice nurse, who works in a corporate practice with six other nurses, is paid just $25 an hour. Her wage is equivalent to what the average practice nurse wage was in Victoria in 2005. Efforts to negotiate an increase in wages only resulted in an extra week’s holiday.

“We are now in contact with the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) but every time we discuss it, we are told by our employers they pay above the award… which just isn’t true,” the nurse who could not be named said. 

All the nurses are looking for other jobs, but the practice has a small monopoly in the area, leaving them with little choice, she added.

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