An alternative solution

BEFORE he became the world’s first professor of complementary medicine and an outspoken opponent of non-evidence-based healthcare, University of Exeter professor Edzard Ernst was, in fact, a homeopath himself. 

But after devoting the past 18 years testing the science behind the claims of homeopaths and other alternative practitioners, he has come to label his past profession as “useless”.

His first post as a junior doctor in Germany was at a homeopathic hospital where he not only learned the tricks of that trade, but also practised acupuncture and several other alternative approaches.

His critics have claimed he’s just a mouthpiece for the pharmaceutical industry, an accusation Professor Ernst has flatly rejected. If he’d taken industry cash, his program would certainly not be closing down due to lack of funding, he rebuts.

“They tried to brand me as a quack-buster who is bought by Big Pharma. In