AMC exam alternative to be piloted

In a 12-month pilot scheme, ACRRM’s workplace-based assessment program has been given the tick of approval by the AMC.

The first of its kind in general practice, the assessment will offer IMGs multiple assessments, instead of the one-off AMC exam. The program will not only cut the current two-year wait for the AMC clinical exam, it also ensures IMGs are better supported, said ACRRM IMG Project Manager Di Wyatt.

“We were really concerned about support IMGs were getting in going through the process...This program has a very strong supportive base,” she said.

With the completion of 400 PESCIs last year, Ms Wyatt said it became quite obvious IMGS needed better supported learning.

“It is extremely important we test alternatives to that one-off exam… which doesn’t suit everyone,” she added.

The program measures the clinical competence of IMGs who have passed the AMC MCQ exam and who hold