Aussie women join PIP breast implant fight

Some 2284 women from 28 countries have joined the action against TÜV Rheinland, the German company responsible for certifying the implants’ quality.

The latest claim will start next month in the court of commerce of Toulon, France, and is an opportunity for women who were not part of a 2013 action to participate.

In November 2013, the same court ruled that TÜV Rheinland was negligent in fulfilling its obligation to control the quality of PIP implants. It was ordered to pay 1514 women an initial compensation payout of 3400 euros ($4920) each.

PIP implants were recalled in 2010 when it emerged that the French manufacturer used industrial grade silicone, rather than medical grade silicone in certain batches. There was also concern about an increased incidence of ruptures.

According to the TGA, testing to investigate whether the implants could be toxic all returned negative results.

Approximately 13,000 PIP