Australian film a truly rewarding experience - Burning Man (MA15+)

IS IT MY imagination, or is Australian cinema really entering a mature new phase?

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen such splendid works as Samson and Delilah and Animal Kingdom, and at the moment we have families heading to Red Dog in droves. Now comes Burning Man, Jonathan Teplitzky’s searing, beautiful film that emerged from his own personal traumas.

When we first meet Tom (Goode), he is like a man possessed. He indulges in casual sex, though doesn’t seem to get much enjoyment or release from it. He  spits fury in road rage. When a customer sends back a meal at the restaurant at which Tom’s the chef, he takes petty revenge.

The film itself is chaotic, jumping from incident to incident: Tom at the markets buying produce, at the restaurant, driving. And then something happens to make Tom stop and take a look at himself and at his relationship with his young son, Oscar (Heanly).

In flashbacks we get to