Ban alcohol ads in kids’ TV time

An analysis of alcohol advertising expenditure carried out by the council showed 46% of advertisements were shown at weekends and on public holidays. Of these, 44% were shown during live sports broadcasts, thus being exempt from classification periods. 

Ordinarily alcohol advertising on free-to-air television may only be shown between 8.30pm and 5am.

In a letter to the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, representatives from the Cancer Council Victoria said allowing alcohol companies such freedom was prioritising the needs of the least vulnerable in society over the needs of the most vulnerable.

To quantify the exposure of alcohol advertising to children, data was collected on TV commercial-break alcohol advertising during the Bathurst V8 car race in 2008.

The advertising started at 6am and 11 ads had been aired by 10.30am and had been watched by 117,000 people aged five to 17.

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