Bob Brown distances himself from AVN

In a public letter released by email on 10 July 2013, Brown pledged support for Greens Senator Dr Richard Di Natale in promoting vaccination, and clarified comments he made to parliament in 1997 that have been used by the AVN to promote their cause.

Brown said he was not consulted by the AVN in using selected quotes he made to parliament, and stated “I do not support AVN's campaign against public vaccination."

“It is true that in the 1990s I endorsed the right of true conscientious objectors against compulsory vaccination”, Bob Brown writes. “However, my view then, as now, was that vaccination is in the interests of public health and should be promoted”. 

“My endorsement for conscientious objection does not extend to orchestrated campaigning against public vaccination and I have grown very concerned that upholding the right of conscientious objection has now become part of the campaign against public