Born after 2000? Well, no smokes for you

Independent MLC Ivan Dean will present his private member’s bill in the state’s upper house on Thursday aiming to make it an offence to supply tobacco to anyone born after 2000.

The legislation would not make smoking an offence for young people but would penalise those who sell it to them.

“We are trying to get legislation that is acceptable to most people,” the Legislative Council member told Medical Observer. “It is about education.”

If enacted to take effect in 2018, the bill would cover the 21st-century generation in Tasmania as they started to turn 18.

Current legislation, which bars young people from smoking only until the age of 18, was a “nonsense” that sent the wrong message to young adults, Mr Dean said.

“We’ve got to get the message through to young people that it is not a wise option to take up smoking. It is very, very harmful, and once you take