Brighton Rock adaptation sinks like a stone - Brighton Rock (M)

THIS is the second film adaptation of Graham Greene’s 1938 novel, after the Boulting brothers’ 1947 version starring Richard Attenborough as the story’s antihero, Pinkie.

Here the story has been updated to 1964, where Mods and Rockers roam the streets, and where petty crim Pinkie (Sam Riley) takes revenge on a rival gang’s murder of one of his own. 

And that’s where Pinkie gets hubris. He wants to be top dog, to be where rival gang leader Mr Colleoni (Andy Serkis) is – lounging in splendour in a suite at a luxury hotel.

But Pinkie is a small-time punk. Attempting to protect his gang and ultimately his own skin, he ingratiates himself with local waitress Rose (Andrea Riseborough). 

Her boss, Ida (Helen ­Mirren), comes to suspect Pinkie of involvement in the murder of her friend. 

The main problem with this film is that Rowan Joffe, son of filmmaker Roland Joffe, has adapted