Budget 2011: drastic cuts but not in health

Your overall rating for the federal health Budget?

I think it was a pretty good Budget for health; I would rate it about 4 out of 5. We were warned there would be drastic cuts, but that did not happen in health. 

Doctors’ groups have objected to the cuts to rebates for GP mental health plans – were the savings justified? 

The Government must have made a judgement they were not getting value for money from that program. Whether we think that’s true or not, they were not getting enough from it to stop the mental health lobby saying “you have to do a lot more”.      

I can understand GPs being upset about those cuts, and lots of GPs do fantastic work for people with mental illness, but that money was outweighed by all the new spending in mental health, so we can’t be too troubled by the fact there were some losses.