Budget spurs more docs to enter RACGP presidency race

Dr Sam Heard, 58, from the Northern Territory, has been a GP for 28 years. He is focused on education and training and opposes government plans to put GP training out to competitive tender. 

"I think the college has to be involved, otherwise I'm not sure it's GP training. I live in Darwin in the Northern Territory where some of the budget impacts threaten to be major," he said. 

"I just don't think it's thought through at all. I've been around long enough to know it's complicated and hard to get people training in places like the Territory," he said.

Dr Heard is chair of the NTGPE, the local general practice training body, and a GP Supervisor at Palmerston Super Clinic, outside Darwin. He's also in a 14 piece GP band called Cheeky Docs which plays everything from medical conferences to local pubs.

"We play rock’n’roll, reggae, Amy Winehouse, Adele... whatever the singers want us to play really."

He said the