Bulk-billing unsustainable: Dutton

Asked about dissenting LNP backbenchers’ concerns over the impact of the co-payment on pensioners, Mr Dutton said the government needed to stick to its main message that the reforms were necessary and would strengthen Medicare.

“Look, I think there’s always worry with change, and I think we have to continue explaining what we are doing,” he said on Radio 2UE on Monday.

“I think when we explain to people that we are retaining bulk-billing, but bulk-billing rates at the moment of 83% just aren’t sustainable, and if we can narrow that down to the most in need, I think we can make Medicare stronger.

“At the moment this view that we can just give everything away for free, particularly the level of debt that the country’s got, I just think we are heading for the rocks when it comes to Medicare”

His remarks came as three government backbenchers went public with their concerns about the