Call for Medicare Locals networking body for nurses

A FORMAL networking body to assist practice nurses working in isolation is being called for to form part of the new Medicare Locals (MLs).

Isolated nurses have garnered support from APNA, which wants all MLs to fund regular face-to-face meetings with practice nurses. This could be done through bi-monthly education sessions, APNA vice-president Karen Booth said.

“It’s a win-win for everyone. Nurses will be better supported, practices will be getting the ideas from these meetings, and MLs win because everyone is engaged and communicating,” Ms Booth said.

“I was here for more than five years before I realised there was a nurse working across the road.”

AGPN’s 2009 workforce survey showed a quarter of practices employed a single practice nurse, and 26% employed two nurses, most of whom would work different days.

Sarah Vidmar, a practice nurse at Sydney’s Abbotsford Family Practice, said