A ‘carbon’ tax by any other name is necessary

IN MARCH this year there was a huge amount of commentary on the behaviour of protestors at an anti-carbon tax rally in Canberra, and debate in Federal Parliament and on talkback radio continues to be volatile, at times vitriolic.

What seems to have been lost in the rhetoric is the reason that a so-called carbon tax has been proposed. 

Regardless of the mechanisms the Government decides upon, there has to be a serious and effective attempt at changing the way big environmental polluters do business. One of the levers available to Government is a penalty for polluting. What they are proposing is a penalty. An impost. A disincentive. 

They made the mistake of calling it a “carbon tax”. Suggest a new tax and you are sure to get a negative reaction.

The best Opposition Leader Tony Abbott could do at the time in opposing this mechanism was to call the Prime Minister a liar and say that “the science on climate change