A charming comedy about the perfect idiot - Our Idiot Brother (M)

PAUL Rudd uses his slightly naive nice guy persona to good effect in this comedy about a man so out of touch with reality that he finds himself being talked into selling dope to a uniformed policeman. He’s Ned, an organic farmer heading straight to jail.

On his release he finds he’s no longer welcome at the family farm. His girlfriend Janet (Kathryn Hahn) has taken up with someone else and refuses to surrender his dog, Willie Nelson. 

With no prospects in terms of a job or accommodation, who do you turn to? Family, of course!

“Our idiot brother” is the way each of his three sisters regards Ned – and in fact each time he stays with them chaos is the result. 

His long-haired, bearded, hippy-like presence is seen as a nuisance if not an embarrassment and his selection of outfits must have been tongue-in-cheek fun for the clothing designer. How daggy can we make him in this scene?

The trouble