Coalition’s ML support ‘reassuring’

Shadow health minister Peter Dutton dismissed a Labor claim that the Coalition will abolish all Medicare Local programs and sack 3000 frontline health staff as “more desperate lies” from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

The Coalition emphasised, however, that there would be a review of the corporate practices of Medicare Locals to ensure funding for patient services was not “unduly diverted for administrative purposes”.

“Medicare Locals are to administer $1.8 billion through a range of programs and the purpose of the review is to make sure as much of that money as possible is invested in primary care services, not Labor’s bureaucracy,” said Mr Dutton.

“Labor’s health bureaucracy has grown by 30% in six years, starving doctors and nurses of much needed frontline funds.”

AML Alliance Chair Dr Arn Sprogis said the Coalition statement committed all major parties to seeing the gains that can