Coming soon to iPhone: a glucose monitoring app

The iBGStar system includes a meter which attaches to the iPhone or iPod touch, and an app that tracks and provides a visual representation of glucose patterns over time and enables detailed data to be emailed or shared with the treating doctor.

The iBGStar is part of a suite of innovations developed by Sanofi to extend its diabetes health care business into ‘holistic’ patient support, the company said.

The STARcare system announced today provides “around-the-clock support services that recognise that the management of diabetes doesn’t follow a nine-to-five schedule”, Sanofi said in a statement to mark National Diabetes Week.

The precursor to iBGStar, a new blood glucose meter called BGStar, is now available and includes meal-time tagging of results, ‘hypo’ and ‘hyper’ alerts and disease management software to facilitate patient reporting to GPs.