Co-payment FOI request denied

Speaking to MO, Tony Abbott's former advisor Terry Barnes said his co-payment model, and criticisms of it, are based on "educated guesswork" until the information is released. 

The request was made by the Australian Health and Hospitals Association (AHHA) to the Department of Human Services and asked for detailed data on the number of people who are bulk-billed, as distinct from the number of services that are bulk-billed. It was knocked back on two grounds. 

The first was that no document existed which contains the information, and the second was that to produce it would require a "substantial and unreasonable diversion of the department's resources", and the "development of specific coding". 

"If those collections don't exist, they should," Mr Barnes said. "We need to put more data and more data sets out there that help an informed debate," he said. 

AHHA president Alison Verhoeven said the currently