Co-payment overhaul a priority for AMA

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on the weekend that the government would be open to “refinement” of the co-payment policy. This was the first confirmation that the headline budget measure could be negotiable, after Health Minister Peter Dutton last week gave the opposite impression. 

“It’s a good sign that he will be flexible,” the AMA’s Council of General Practice chair, Dr Brian Morton, told MO. 

“I think there needs to be an overhaul of the proposal, and we’ve said in principle we are not opposed to a co-payment, but it needs to be refined so there is a greater safety net for the vulnerable and disadvantaged. We are in the process of putting together alternative proposals.”

The Council of General Practice hopes to have a proposal focusing on the GP response ready to present to a council meeting in Canberra on 20–22 June.

With the budget expected to go to the Senate in